1. A L B on “Fake Geek Girls”



    This is the video that introduced me to the wonderful Angelina L B, and which helped me see that casual sexism you encounter in comic book shops and at conventions had moved beyond basic social ineptness and had become a large problem for the entire community.

    I think I had seen her videos before, but the super-girly appearance made me think that I was definitely not her target demographic. I…

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  2. heroicgirls:

    There was an extended stretch of time when we did not have cable TV. We had about 12 or so local channels and one of them showed children’s programming all day (and night.) It was always a random assortment of old cartoons that I don’t think people watched when they were on originally. Things like Sky DancersMighty Machines andSh…

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  3. One of my favorite stupid things on the Internet.

  4. EDIT: They literally fired him while I was making this graphic. 

    Better late than never.

  5. Everything is better with explosions.


  6. Still one of my favorite things ever.


  8. Emma Watson topless.

    I assume this is from the big cell phone hack people are talking about.

  9. Anya and Stella tell their story to USA Today.

  10. Radical Islam