1. The DC movie universe is a happy, shiny place…

  2. Bitch stole my look…

  3. Fiona Staples signing my Saga poster. There is no reason on earth anyone else should care about this but me, but it makes me very happy.

    I have good friends.

  4. When you can’t go to San Diego Comic-Con yourself, it pays to have great friends that remember things like, “John really loves Amy Reeder’s art.”

    Thanks, Vivian. 

  5. Sometimes where you put the author’s name on the spine is really, really important

  6. dcwomenkickingass:

    Here’s Your First Look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

    The DC Movie Panel is going on in Hall H at SDCC and on-stage are Affleck, Carvill and Gadot. And they just showed this image. Are those heels on the boots? Close to the Chiang look but not exact. What do you think? 

    Costume looks pretty good. Hopefully, she can act.

  7. My first thought:

    "Isn’t that the warning they have to put on toys with small parts?"

  8. The Punisher has never been one of my favorite characters. His stoic and unchanging nature makes him almost inhuman in a way that powered characters such as Spider-Man are not. He’s a hard guy to relate to. Add in the problematic morality issues that seem out of place in a world filled with brightly colored superheroes who place sanctity of life at a premium, and I am usually reminded why he started as a villain, not an anti-hero.

    And if there is a single character that epitomizes how out of place and out of depth a man like Frank Castle should be in the Marvel Universe, it is Thor, a literal god among men who can fly and level mountains with a magic hammer.

    A meeting between these two characters should never work in my mind. Each pointing out the unreal nature of the other.

    But Greg Rucka makes it work and gives us this brilliant scene of two warriors talking, and how Thor understands the Punisher all too well, and would help him if he could.

  9. First team-up.

  10. kristaferanka:

    so yeah.

    as some of you may have seen.

    I drew Colbert as the Falcon for his show.

    (via littlemoongoddess)